Napkin Holder

This project was meant to be a curly maple practice to see how this wood is to work with as a sort of preparation for (someday) working with curly maple for drawer fronts.

I found that when I ran curly maple through the planer it tended to tear out, at least with my machine.  I started this project with a piece of 1.5″ thick curly maple.  I had originally planned a thinner base but I took the path of least resistance and made the base very thick.  The wood was very flat and just need a bit of touching up.

To make the vertical slats I cut thin wood using the bandsaw from the 1.5″ thick piece.  To make these pieces flat and uniformly thick I used my hand planes.  I found that the task of making the wood uniformly thick was not as difficult as I feared, at least on small pieces like this.  However, I did find that I had to take shavings smaller than 0.002 inches thick or the wood would tear out.





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