Display Case

When we came back from Italy with several (expensive) pieces of glass work from Venice,  I wanted a way to display the pieces that would show them off, but make it hard to get to them so they would be safe.  (We have two or three glass snails that each have an antenna broken off.)  I pondered designs using glass or acrylic and finally came up with this one.    dsc01061_smTo make this I used a 12″ square piece of acrylic.  I bent it three times using a heating element designed for bending plastic. (This thing has doubled in price since I bought it!)  I originally had a fancier design with a sloped surface, but when I bent it I discovered that the bend is opaque, and my design blocked the view of the figures.  So I got another piece of plastic and went simpler, all right angles.

The base of the case is simply two pieces of maple glued in an L shape.  It mounts straight to the wall with screws.  (I couldn’t figure out an elegant way to hide the screws.)  I cut slots along the front edge and top edge of the maple.  The plastic slides in from the side.  It is captured in those grooves.

I capped the case off with end caps.

dsc01068_smI made the end caps from scraps of canary wood I had left over.  I planed them to an attractive thickness.  I tapped holes for machine screws into the maple so that I could remove and install the screws repeatedly and have them continue holding.  To get into the case, you have to unscrew one of the end caps.

dsc01072_smWe got only one of the glass figures—the dragon—on Murano, the glass making Island.  We got the bird and hedgehog in a shop on the mainland, but they were allegedly made on Murano.  The butterfly came from a glass maker who lived and worked on the mainland right by the dock where we caught the boat to go to Murano.  He is apparently a world famous glass artist, but he didn’t grow up on Murano, so he’s not allowed to advertise his work as being “Murano glass.”